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Having Nesco ice-cream is a pleasure enjoyed by young and old alike. Its cold and creamy texture brings us to our happy place with our very first bite.

Next time you are feeling blue, turn to a Nesco ice-cream and be on your way to feel better in no time.


For the Last two decade, we are obsessed with creating the most heavenly ice cream, using the natural flavors of vanilla, dark chocolate, roasted nuts and fresh seasonal fruits.

Under the able guidance of our MD, Mr Manoj Ramakrishnan , we are the first and only company in India who give delicious ice-creams in NATURAL FRUIT CONTAINERS.

We have also diversified business interest in flavor extractions & exports of fruit shell containers to Europe & US markets.

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Located in Manickamangalam, Kalady in Ernakulam District, we soon converted a little land into a shiny new facility and from it, eagerly worked towards our goal to make a family of ice creams that would be second to none in their taste and creamy texture.

Manufacturing facilities and


Manufacturing Facility

We have Automatic and Semi -automatic machines right from Blending the mixture, Pasteurizing, Homogenizing to produce a uniform texture, Cooling and resting to blend flavors.

Flavoring the ice cream, Adding of top ups, Freezing, Packaging and bundling the finished product, Hardening and storing in cold rooms. Strict quality standards are maintained in each of the process under the supervision of experienced Production Team.


Services and Network

With a well-organized delivery agents and own fleet of vehicles, we are committed to supply ice-creams to our channel partners and customers fresh from manufacturing unit to table.

Currently our operations is limited to Kerala with an ambition to cater to South Indian Market in future.

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As per Market requirements, we are into the manufacturing of Medium Fat Ice-creams and Frozen Desserts. To Differentiate the category, we have branded Medium Fat with as NESCO and Frozen Dessert as NIOZ offering the customers the multiple choice to try as per their wish.

Medium-fat Ice creams


Frozen desserts

New Arrivals

Events and

The inauguration of Cocoa producers office at Manimala, Kottayam was done on 9th September 2023. The office was inaugurated by Agricultural Minister Shri P. Prasad. The function was attended by Shri Anto Antony MP and Chief whip Shri N Jayayaraj.Our Icecream was prominently displayed in the counter and NATURAL Icecream in original cocoa Fruit shell was given as samples to all the invitees.

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